Full dayout nothing fancy black & grey EDC without a bag.

This is what I take when I'm heading out for a day that might be made up of typical office work, meetings, brief outings, social media or mainstream-media appearances, equipment maintenance or stepping out for a quick nature recharge while keeping connected and ready.

This is my actual everyday carry. Occasionally some items get swapped out for something smaller, or more appropriate for a known task, or just to mix things up. But for whatever the day might throw at me, this is what I carry.

Everything gets used as some point. Even the redundancies. E.g. in a meeting, got my stylus/pen for notes, and someone else needs a pen; space pen.

And I just realized, its all black and grey!

I love colours, but it just so happens that what I go out with most often is mostly black and grey.

Most items are grouped of course.

The Inova Xs, the leatherman Charge AL & bit drivers, and the space pen all ride in the Leatherman pouch nicely and compactly horizontally orientated on my belt. That's my favourite setup.

Then there's the keychain "tools" and "gadgets". That includes the the Victorinox (which sometimes is replaced with the Signature Lite), the Nitecore TUBE, the pillbox, the micro USB and the Sandisk OTG.

I don't carry fidget items, because I do. Both my fake "Benchmade" butterfly comb, and my Kershaw Nerve are excellent fidget items.

This was my first submission here. I look forward to submitting some of my more specialized EDCs at a later date. Love this platform. Thanks everydaycarry.com

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I can see you've put a lot of thought into this. Very well coordinated.
I'm interested in finding out what everything is laid out on? Is it some kind of mat that can be rolled up?
Its part of my packable valet tray that I keep my EDC cleaning, and sharpening kit in. It does in deed roll up.
Love your description. You very rarely get someone that explains so neatly their EDC. I do love "eye candy" EDC posts but it's so very healthy for the hobby to have posts that have a lot of thought and function in them. Well deserved feature.
Thank you. That's very kind of you to say. I agree. I do like the eye candy posts too.
Agree, the description makes it even cooler.