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CRKT Vizzle

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CRKT Vizzle

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Sometimes the best knives come as a surprise. If you gravitate towards the more minimal, gent's knife type of designs, you'd know many of them sacrifice some key features for a sleeker aesthetic and smaller size. The Jesper Voxnaes-designed, CRKT-produced Vizzle, on the other hand, flips the script. It's one of those rare, larger-sized minimalist knife options that conceals some unexpected features in an attractive design that's as low-profile as ever.

That's mostly in part due to how the 3.35” blade practically disappears when closed, nestling almost flush in the slender, stainless steel handle. Relative to the blade, the Vizzle's handle measures proportionally longer than most knives. That not only gives those of you with larger hands a better grip on the knife while in use, but it also streamlines the silhouette of the knife even further.

Two key, functional features stand out in the otherwise simple, stonewashed handle. First, a ridged thumbhole in the middle of the handle gives you a stable grip when deploying (or fidgeting with) the knife. Next, a flipper tab allows for effortless one-hand opening thanks to the Vizzle's IKBS ball bearing pivot. As for the blade itself, it's made with 8Cr13MoV steel and features a satin finish and a plain edge. For one more surprisingly useful hidden feature, the stainless steel framelock that keeps the knife in place even has an overtravel stop screwed into the lock bar itself.

In classic Voxnaes fashion, a black polymer backspacer adds contrast and a lanyard attachment point to the open-back construction of the knife. Because it's on the hefty side at 4.6 oz, you'll appreciate the included clip to help comfortably EDC the knife in your pocket. Overall, the Vizzle offers plenty of substance for such a minimalist design. Grab one for your EDC at the link below.

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Maid Madsen ·
I was so excited to see this blade and then I saw the blade steel choice and I'm a little worried.

I own 2 Kershaws (Pico & Amplitude) with 8Cr13MoV. They both seem to lose their edge very quickly. To be fair this could be an issue with the factory angles (which is why I don't buy Chinese Kershaws anymore). Some claim 8Cr13MoV this is 'a Chinese equivalent to AUS-8' but to that I'd say...

Hell. No. No way.

I was hoping that this blade was going to end up being more like a 'fancy' Opinel #9 mixed with the sleekness of the Leek's body but it kinda just looks like...every other SS Body, 8Cr13MoV 'EDC' knife.

It weighs a ton and costs to same as an Urban Trapper...which has a thinner [gets sharper, easier] VG-10 blade [making it better in basically every way for 'everyday' light to medium use], Titanium liners and weighs half what the Vizzle does. Blade's generally the same design, too.

While I understand durability could be a trade off to some extent but if you are beating up a 3in.+ blade like the Boker or this CRKT on the daily...You should be carrying fixed carbon steel without a doubt.

So I guess the point of the above is to ask this...Can someone explain to me why this knife needs to exist?