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Casio G-SHOCK Clean Military Series

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Mikey Bautista
Casio G-SHOCK Clean Military Series

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Whether investing in their top-of-the-line metal series or collecting the classic models, adding an overbuilt G-SHOCK watch to your EDC is a solid choice. With their new Clean Military series, Casio takes one of their most iconic models—the DW5600—and gives it a monochromatic paint job for a minimalist aesthetic. It's as rugged as it's ever been, with a fresh look to match the rest of your gear.

The DW5600 is iconic for a reason. It comes equipped with the unparalleled shock and water resistance you expect from a G-SHOCK watch, paired with useful features like an EL backlight, stopwatch, countdown timer, and a multi-function alarm. Its 42.8mm resin case gives it durability without a lot of bulk, and a minimal face design provides better legibility when keeping an eye on the time. And with the DW5600 taking on solid colorways in black, white, and yellow, the crisp look or pop of color makes it easier than ever to add this classic watch to your carry.

There's never a bad reason to own this Casio classic, especially with a sleek new set of threads. Pick up the DW5600 in white from the Amazon link below, and be sure to check out its two other colorways as well.

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Omega ·
When it comes to watches, i can't seem to find the right pair, if i want to go sharp or if i want to go the strategic if there is path with watches. Maybe a smaller watch to minus weight and bulky frame/size, would it make a big difference?
Sakamoto Mio ·
¬ If you're looking for a RETRO (Blade Runner Style) watch then this is the one for you. ~ as it harkens back to the earlier watches of its type for that era, just updated slightly.

~ Yea, its appearance isn't what (most) like, but, as an added accessory for those who cosplay, yet also want a watch that durable, this is a good option.

~ of course you could look for the original BR watch, which is the - Microma PVD watch - (but) if its not available, then this is a good replacement for it.
I am going to bet this article doesn't get too many likes. The DW5600 type G-Shocks have never been a real head-turner because quite frankly-- They are ugly as sin. For this reason I do not think there are too many fans, nor folks willing to sport a DW5600 in their EDC kit. I count myself in the minority. I happen to own two myself: A DW5600E-1V classic, and a DW5600MS-1DR "Men in Rusty Black", both with the 3229 module.

Everyone knows if you are looking for a rugged watch that can take a military-grade beating, the buck stops with G-Shock. But most people desire that flashy militaristic-look and so choose a G-Shock like the DW-9052 or GD-100 with technical looking extras like count-down timers and repeating second bars. The boxy, unadorned design of the DW-5600 just doesn't scream "tactical", but rather falls somewhere just north of "calculator watch" when it comes to style points.

So it is an ugly watch. But IMO that is the only downfall to the DW-5600. If you can get past appearance, the DW-5600 is a truly exceptional timepiece and that is because it does one thing extremely well-- It tells time. Always. Unapologetically. No matter what else you are doing, this thing will be there with a (quite comfortable) death grip on your wrist marking time. In real time. Or chrono. Or count down. However you take your seconds, it serves them up. With a side of accidental halligan bar to the wrist? No problem. Find yourself a few meters under the wave tops? Child's play. The thing doesn't have any of the extra bells or whistles that add complexity, interference or distraction from getting you an accurate time reading when you need it most. And that is what makes this a truly remarkable watch. It is the purest, cleanest form of shock/water/dust/mud-proof time keeping.

If you can get past the looks, this is a great watch. The lack of doo-dads actually makes it a more authentic tactical time-piece believe it or not. And good on Casio for continuing to expand on the line and offer it up in more colors. Maybe this watch will finally build itself a bit of well-deserved popularity.
Mikey Bautista ·
Count me in that minority as I've always preferred the square-shaped G-SHOCKS. I've been eyeing a GW-5600 (with the auto-adjusting Multi-Band 6 world time) for a LONG time but just never got around to pulling the trigger.
Right on. That is the king of 5600s. I've been keen on upgrading to one with solar myself.

Thanks for another great article!
bands are short.
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