City EDC by Cretanseagull

A set of objects that can be useful to those who live in the city.


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Jacob Roy ·
This post is stupid. People like you need to stay off this website.
Cretanseagull ·
Did you look at the mirror while writing? Go play somewhere else, and do not interrupt therapy without the consent of your psychiatrist.
Jacob Roy ·
Your post looks like a useless collage/advertisement someone made on Windows Paint. Why did you even post this? Are all of those pictures yours or did you copy and paste them from Google Images?
Cretanseagull ·
First, you should not let offend others. If you are not civil enough to be able to not offend then do not attend forums. Ok?
Secondly, I never said the photos are mine .... my composition, I have put together this set of objects to create what for me represents an edc kit.
In practice, I did nothing but advertise to companies that have built and marketed these items. Not only did I not create any harm to these companies but on the contrary I offered them free advertising!
Now is the concept clear to you?
And now let's finish that because I have more important things to deal with.
Jacob Roy ·
Among the items you "advertised" are a safety pin, a paper clip, a "slim clip money clip and money reserve", and a Ganzo multi-tool that you erroneously called a Gerber Suspension. Yah, get out of here to stupid shill.
Cretanseagull ·
Run to your mom, soon! Do not you feel that you are looking for?