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Manker E02 AAA Tasklight

Mikey Bautista
Manker E02 AAA Tasklight

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At the end of the day, a flashlight is as simple as a battery, a metal tube, and a beam of light. But the devil's in the details, especially in a light you rely on for getting work done every day. With the E02, Manker has managed to distill some of the most useful features into a flashlight barely bigger than the AAA battery that powers it. It's an incredibly versatile light, in a size just right for EDC.

If you've never used headlamp flashlights before, then you may be unfamiliar with the L-shaped design. The shape ensures light is always facing forward whether attached to headgear or held in your hand. When put together with a reversible clip and magnetic tail, the E02 lends itself to wide range of carry and use options. Attached to your pack, hands-free under a desk, clipped to a hat—the possibilities are endless.

And those options come in handy considering the E02's outputs. Its cool white version using a Cree XP-G3 LED gives up to 220 lumens on a single AAA, while its Nichia 219C version—a rarity for AAA flashlights, especially at this price!—can do 180 lumens on Turbo. Both versions can also do 0.6 lumens for up to 84 hours besides its other modes. Being a compact flashlight thanks to its battery, you won't have problems carrying it everywhere. IPX8-rated toughness paired with its type-III anodized aluminum body lets the E02 light the way in even the harshest conditions.

There's plenty of bang for your buck with the E02, boasting full-sized flashlight features and usability at a fraction of the size and cost. Pick one up in the color and emitter of your choice from Amazon at the link below.

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Mike Ester ·
For the money, this is an impressive little light. I went for the Nichia emitter for mine. If different modes on a flashlight frustrate you, you may not like it. But for me, I enjoy the challenge of learning the details of a new tool.
Craig Rockwell ·
This flashlight replaced my Streamlight Microstream, and I am so glad I went with the Manker! It is bright, sturdy as can be, and is the perfect size to be attached to my keys, along with my Gerber Shard! If you add a small rare earth magnet to the clip of the flashlight while it is hanging on your keys, you can use that to keep it touching the Shard! It has prevented my keys from being space eaters when carried in my pocket.