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Love the freedom of working on-the-go, but wish you could find a way to stay focused in those distraction-magnet shared workspaces? Alcove is just the solution for you. After years of dedicated research on the future of work and how it's evolving from full-time, singular locations to shorter, project-based stints in a variety of locations, Alcove Group has created Alcove, a first of its kind compact laptop case that unfolds into a private workstation.

Alcove is designed to fit 13-15” laptops and comes equipped with patent-pending privacy panels to filter out unwanted noise while keeping in the sounds you do want. It also includes an optional, rechargeable backlight to support reading and writing in low-lit conditions. Alcove is the perfect product for those who love the collaborative feel of shared workspaces but need a place to drop in, focus, and create, either individually or in small teams. Find more information at getalcove.com

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