Vehicle 72HR Kit

I grew up calling them 72hr. kits, but I guess people now refer to them as "get home bags" or "bug out bags." It is a basic kit, subject to upgrade and addition. These do not include what I would hopefully have on me or in my vehicle, namely a pocket knife and water bottle. If anyone has recommendations for upgrades or additions, please let me know.

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Johan Bertilsson ·
Very nice 72hour kit, i would put in a stainless steel cup of atleast 0.5l so you could boil water. Even though you have a straw wintertime something hot would come in handy, and also as a backup to your lifestraw for sterilazation of water. One is none and and two is one.
Alex W ·
Good point. Didn't think of that. I should also add a water bottle to the bag itself as a backup.
ThreePercenter ·
I like it very much