Grocery shopping pocket dump.

Nothin special ?

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Love the combo SAK, knife, Leatherman. It's small and functional. What would be the next item to go on the list for you in this EDC?
Thanks man i appreciate it. I think the next item to go on the list is a good pen, maybe a fisher space pen or a karas kustom.
Thank's man! I use the Fischer Space pen everyday but for work and on my free time. Always with me. Is this a fixed EDC for you?
Sweet. I might go with the fisher just because its a little cheaper lol yeah its a fixed edc. I carry this everywhere i go except for work. I only carry my SAK and light at work
I always carry my SAK, light, Gerber Dime and Fischer Space pen for work or off work! Recently I added a Gerber mini paraframe knife to my carry. In my bag for work I carry my Opinel Nr. 6 and my Leatherman Wave. I also carry a Big Boy - flashlight in my bag.
Why carry both the juice and the cadet?
I usually only carry one of the 2. That day I carried both for some reason, but my cadet is in my pocket about 99% of the time
I love this EDC! Do you watch Nutnfancy? Most of these items are in the TNP hall of fame.
Thanks John! Yeah I watch nutnfancys vids on YouTube all the time lol I bought the leatherman juice and cadet after watching his reviews
Haha that's great! It's always nice to see other TNPers here!
Just bought a Juice S2 today! I'm loving it so far.
Sweet! Love the juice man. Probably my favorite multitool