SOLID GRAY Aluminium

SOLID GRAY Aluminium

"For anyone who desires the best gear, the Solid Gray backpack has everything you need to protect your high-end goods whilst maintaining your street cred. Inside is additional laptop padding with an adjustable strap for your laptop or tablet, clever compartments for your small items such as sunglasses, a multi clip that holds your papers in place and smart locks with audible locking to ensure maximum safety. On the outside, the unique hard shell design is created using aluminium-polymer composite material and..." (via GearHungry)

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Ridiculous or just me?
"Street Cred"?!?!? Really? At roughly twice the price of any tech device it may carry, it looks like they are trying move the rooftop cargo carrier from your minivan to your bicycle. Good luck getting that R2D2 unit past TSA. No thanks. I will pass.