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Metro Detriot

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Pav k ·
:) nice photo !
J Kyle ·
Love the dead fish! Your a master of your trade Sir!
Pav k ·
Thank you, sir ! If you havent checked my new designs please feel free to take a look :D and here's and coupon code for 30% permanent discount - ' 30OFF '.
Ethan ·
Is that Griptilan in 20cv. How do you like you Griptilan because I am thinking of buying one? That silver dollar is cool I am in coin collecting, are you?
J Kyle ·
It is and I like it a lot! It's the perfect middle ground knife, not to big and not to small. I have been picking up some silver lately since prices are cheaper than usual, mostly 1 ounce coins though...I see your in construction, what kind?
Ethan ·
I am planning on getting one really nice folder with good steel. I am thinking about getting a Griptilian. Also, I am into coin collecting and got some silver. My job is basic electrical wiring on buildings.
Simple, clean, great.
J Kyle ·
Thanks Joe!
Eric Bordlee ·
How do you like that Grafton Pen? Sturdy build? Was thinking about getting one.
J Kyle ·
I like it a lot, its not too thick like a few of the bolt action pens I have so its easy to write with. Really light too...I'd say go for it!
ThreePercenter ·
why carry such a coin around? Isn't it worth like $40?
J Kyle ·
I think it's around $25 right now and its funny in my business how much is determined on a coin flip...so in a nut shell I like to mix it up with some vintage coins from time to time.
dwhite ·
I also carry "such a coin" around, but my Morgan is an 1888. I carry it around because it was my father's and it reminds me of him.
J Kyle ·
It's always nice to have something like that to bring back some good memories...