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Win an EDC Kit from Urban EDC Supply!

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Win an EDC Kit from Urban EDC Supply!

Update: Congratulations to Luke C, winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Our friends at Urban EDC Supply are giving away this exclusive EDC kit worth $262 featuring their new Urban Sidekick! The Urban Sidekick, handcrafted in California using the finest Horween Dublin leather, is a versatile gear caddy that can hold your favorite EDC pen and EDC tool. All materials are sourced from the US as well. One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the giveaway. Brought to you by our sponsor Urban EDC Supply.

The Prize Up For Grabs

One lucky winner will receive an urban EDC kit of the following gear:

  1. Urban Sidekick ($54)
    A slim and compact leather gear organizer for your write, slice, and light essentials.

  2. Titaner Titan Tactical Pen ($79)
    A sleek, elegant pen machined from solid titanium that uses the popular Parker Rollerball refill.

  3. Quiet Carry Strand ($129)
    A pocketable, titanium frame lock folding knife with a minimalist profile that belies its hardened D2 steel.

Total Prize Package Value: $262

How to Enter

We're running the giveaway here on the site until 12:00pm EDT on Friday, August 4th. Make sure you're logged in, and find the full details and entry requirements by clicking on the button below. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

This contest has ended.

This contest is sponsored by Urban EDC Supply.

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Strand has been my daily driver since I received it last year. Really enjoy having it.
Zoe ·
Looks like the youtube page isn't correct
Luke Casey ·
Super excited to get my hands on this sweet gear!
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