Cyclist's Monochrome Grayscale Carry

Lindsay Windham
Charleston, South Carolina
I say it's okay to be gray, even in the summertime... Since getting Lasik I learned that sunglasses are essential. I've been wearing these shades that (full disclosure :) are designed by my company, Distil Union. Here's the link since they're only on Kickstarter right now: http://kck.st/2waO83C They're called MagLock Sunglasses, with fully embedded neodymium magnets that make them easy to mount on anything magnetic, and also (more importantly) hard to lose.

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blueumbrella ·
Like your Wally wallet. I am a backer of your MagLock Sunglasses Kickstarter, which closed this morning.
Lindsay Windham ·
That's awesome! It makes me so happy to hear that you like your Wally wallet. Thanks so much for your support, the sunglasses campaign sure was a roller coaster :P
ThreePercenter ·
do they make those cable holders (#1) for type-c? I want a couple.
ThreePercenter ·
also, where can I find the sunglass case? there really needs to be an edit button on this site...
Lindsay Windham ·
I'm not sure about your cable holder question, but the sunglass case is what accompanies the MagLock Sunglasses. It's great, folds flat when not in use :) We just wrapped the Kickstarter, and we haven't decided if the case will be available separately. I'll post a link to it if so!