Cyclist's Monochrome Grayscale Carry

Charleston, South Carolina
I say it's okay to be gray, even in the summertime... Since getting Lasik I learned that sunglasses are essential. I've been wearing these shades that (full disclosure :) are designed by my company, Distil Union. Here's the link since they're only on Kickstarter right now: http://kck.st/2waO83C They're called MagLock Sunglasses, with fully embedded neodymium magnets that make them easy to mount on anything magnetic, and also (more importantly) hard to lose.

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Like your Wally wallet. I am a backer of your MagLock Sunglasses Kickstarter, which closed this morning.
That's awesome! It makes me so happy to hear that you like your Wally wallet. Thanks so much for your support, the sunglasses campaign sure was a roller coaster :P
do they make those cable holders (#1) for type-c? I want a couple.
also, where can I find the sunglass case? there really needs to be an edit button on this site...
I'm not sure about your cable holder question, but the sunglass case is what accompanies the MagLock Sunglasses. It's great, folds flat when not in use :) We just wrapped the Kickstarter, and we haven't decided if the case will be available separately. I'll post a link to it if so!