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Flipside 4 Wallet

Mikey Bautista
Flipside 4 Wallet

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While we talk a lot about wallets here on the site, sometimes we overlook an important aspect in the pursuit of keeping things light and minimal. That is, actually protecting your cards and cash. Sure, a minimalist wallet keeps your pockets light, but that won't mean much if you get drenched in the rain or get exposed to rough conditions in your line of work. If you need several layers of protection to keep your essentials safe while still compact enough for EDC, the Flipside 4 has the rugged features that put the “wall” in “wallet.”

One look at the Flipside 4 and it's immediately apparent that it isn't trying to be slim as possible. The crush-resistant design and structuring gives you extra tough protection to ensure nothing inside the wallet takes the slightest dent. High-strength polycarbonate and aluminum give it a scratch-resistant texture on top of its durability and light weight, while also integrating RFID protection. A push of its front locking button flips it open, giving you access to its internal card and cash slots. The Flipside 4 can hold up to 7 cards across its 3 slots, with space for up to 10 bills in its cash compartment. Smooth edges and light weight (3 ounces while empty) let the Flipside 4 slip easily into your pockets, while also being compatible with other Flipside attachments for added functionality and expansion.

When you need maximum protection for your crucial currency, the Flipside 4's got things on lock. Pick one up in your choice of color from the Amazon link below.

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looked&liked; needs accommodation for a lanyard because everything needs a lanyard and because lanyard. some of us are off the ground a lot. if I drop this thing it'll be going +/- 45mph when it lands.
...but coo'.

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