My "This is why I always wear a backpack" EDC

Luthier (age 49)
Dickson City, PA
This doesn't include the Ziploc full of baby wipes and stash of Lara bars I usually have, nor the odd rocks, sticks, chunks of plastic, leaves and other various and sundry randomness I accumulate when tooling around with my seven year old son

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is that a digital scanner? i can not pick anything up around me with mine.
I have been interested in that County Comm radio for a while now. You are the first I have seen that has one-- Is it any good?
It's actually VERY good. Great reception, excellent selectivity. The MW snd SW reception are way above average and, of course, SSB allows for 10M monitoring. Good on batteries and the plug-in ferrite rod is actually really powerful. I combine it with a Tecsun tunable loop antenna and regularly pull in MW from 1000 miles (with occasional European broadcasts). Worth it.
That is pretty neat, and quite the bargain at County Comm's price. Thanks for the insight.
prepared for everything...exceot a mugger.
Wait for the bigger billy goat.