Daily Work Carry

London, Great Britain
Usual bits carried day to day as an engineer.

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This carbon fiber money clip wallet, reconmend it.
+8 for the BigDesign Bit Bar. Very nice.
As for the pocket organiser, it was kind of thought out for fitting in my pocket, so much as it uses less leather! 😉
Thanks I carry the Key setup clipped to the MecArmy and blankforces pen. That makes up a simple carry setup.
I dig your key setup, but I love your gear organizer! It looks like a super, well-thought out design. The angled cut to the bottom looks like it'd keep it oriented correctly in the pocket, and looks like it'd keep everything lined up too. If you enjoy leather work, an inexpensive set of lacing chisels (I got mine for about $11 on Amazon) is a really awesome investment. Going from stitching by hand to pre-punched holes is a night-and-day difference. It's made working from leather go from a chore to a real pleasure for me.