Manker PL10 Multi-tool Flashlight


Sometimes the most useful and impressive results come from the most unlikely partnerships. Despite flashlights and pens often sharing a similar shape, no one's managed to put them together well in the same tool. And while a poor effort can easily end up ineffective in both applications, Manker's taken the best parts—especially the parts EDCers like—from tactical pens and flashlights and put them into the PL10. It's a compact multi-tool that's no jack of both trades.

The PL10 seeks to hit 3 EDC nails on the head: the need for a pleasant and pocketable light, the usefulness of always having a pen, and the robust construction for tactical use in an emergency. As a light, the PL10 comes with a hi-CRI Nichia 219B LED, pushing out up to 120 lumens in a versatile, floody beam. It uses a rechargeable 10180 lithium battery as a power source, which you don't have to worry about replacing since the PL10 comes with a built-in charging port and USB cable. On the pen side the PL10 uses a black refill cartridge. While it does serve to keep the tool compact, this unfortunately means it's a refill you'd have to replace direct from Manker. It's a bit of a compromise, but the two included refills should last you quite a bit.

For tactical applications, you get IPX-6-rated fit and finish in a solid stainless steel body. It's knurled with a deep diamond pattern, with fins and grooves that give added grip when used as a pen or striking tool. A tungsten tip on the cap also gives the PL10 glass breaking ability should you need it. Said cap also comes with a smooth pocket clip that lets you easily carry the tool as you would a light or pen, making it easy to EDC, especially at only 2.1 ounces with its battery.

Whether as a light or a tactical pen, the PL10 means business for both departments. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below, or direct from Manker here.

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Not available, and make it so this takes Fisher cartridges and I'll buy a thousand of them.
What we need is 1. Durable. 2. Pocket sized (small) with 3. Clip built in, and a 4. Light, and finally; 5. Standard Cartridges...
I prefer Fisher write-in-rain, fine or medium, but then I have to work in the field in the most difficult conditions sometimes.
Make or find THAT pen, and you will both earn and make a fortune.
Make it in raw copper or lead free brass with a small international --or even proprietary refillable--with a fountain nib and take my money. Hah
Currently unavailable on Amazon. According to the link.
Thanks for the heads up! We've added a link to Manker direct as an alternative in the meantime.