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Paul Merrill
Littleton, CO
I don't actually carry the headphones every day, but all else is part of my daily life. The Sony phones sound great and are a much cheaper alternative to Bose. The lack of active noise canceling is not a problem - they are solid enough that most noise is blocked. The Schneider refill makes my Cross write super smooth. Apple Watch v.1 is such a part of my daily life that I wear it all 365 days. I paid full price way back when, and I still think it was a good value. My cheap sunglasses were a replacement for my other cheap sunglasses that I lost in Italy. I do have one expensive pair, but I don't want to wear them much, for fear I'd break or lose them! The Elephant Wallet is great because it's so small in my pocket. It holds my cards, cash and stickers fine.

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I have the old 950BT Sony headphones and see improved sound quality in the new 950N1 model. The addition of active noise canceling was the frosting on the cake for me. Love the extra base line that Sony put out.
HammerandDreml ·
I know how you feel about the cheap sunglasses thing. Though about 5 years back now I finally hit the bullet and bought a pair of Ray Ban aviators. Oddly enough I used to go through 2-5 pairs of cheapies a year. I can't lose these Ray Bans. It's like a motherly instincts I think. Hahah
EDCLogan ·
How do you like the Cross pen? Ive seen mixed reviews about it.
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