Quotidian Carry

Designer (age 22)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Slowly refined, this is the current iteration of what goes in my pockets. Ive reduced the number of components so that it wont bulk up a suit jacket, or weight me down on my motorbike. Meant to get me from home to work to whatever comes after.

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What a nice carry-- Excellent job balancing very clean minimalism with classy elegance.
Thanks! I really like the tacticool look but just it isn't practical when you work in an office. I think when I get my next phone ill switch to a black Mujjo case and the cosmos colour for the charge cable. Should be a little more understated but maintain that lux appeal
Agreed-- funny thing is "tacticool" has come to mean the more militaristic gear you can pile on, the better. But the truth is that "tactical" is really more well-served by a "less is more" mantra. Every extra piece of gear someone carries comes at a price. So technically, by striving for minimalism you are more "tactical" than most who try to be (and who are simply "tacticool").

My two cents-- the saddle leather color accessories look very distinguished. Black never goes out of style, but is also much more common.