Official Team Zissou EDC

Barry Allen
Austin, TX
With the exception of the knife & the phone, I learned about all of this gear on this site. EDC on my friends!

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JLuisBass ·
Witch admin pouch/organizer is the one you're using for your tool kit?
Shawn Bailey ·
I’m wondering the same thing, what pouch is holding your leatherman / bits?
I'm mostly sure that pouch is an insert that comes with #5, check the Amazon description
Does the admin pack have something to attach it to molle webbing on the back? The pics on Amazon don't show what's on the back.
From the Amazon description: "DUTY BELT/PALS/MOLLE compatible."
From an Amazon review: "Backside has 3x5 molle row."

So probably yes.
And @Barry I think you meant "covertly" branded? ;)
Barry Allen ·
@obake, It does have MOLLE attachments on the back. @zaus, yup! 🤦‍♂️Damn auto correct!
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Justin Morgan ·
You're missing a red hat and a Glock!
Barry Allen ·
Good call on the red hat @ Justin!! After I took the photo I realized I was missing the quintessential Jacque Cousteau Red Beanie. I own a few Glock products & am a big fan, but I don't typically EDC a firearm in the city or on the water.
Nathan Hermawan ·
Do the interns get glocks?
Barry Allen ·
Of course!!
maybe one of the other interns is holding the glock...
J.S. Leonard ·
Oh hell yeah! Team Zissou for the WIN!!! Great Set-Up.
Barry Allen ·
Thank you sir! 🙏