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With the exception of the knife & the phone, I learned about all of this gear on this site. EDC on my friends!

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Witch admin pouch/organizer is the one you're using for your tool kit?
I’m wondering the same thing, what pouch is holding your leatherman / bits?
I'm mostly sure that pouch is an insert that comes with #5, check the Amazon description
Hey everybody, great question! @Zaus is correct - it's the Helikon-Tex Urban Admin Pouch which comes with the smaller insert (shown holding my Leatherman Charge tools) that Velcros in place. I like this particular pouch because it's modular & covertly branded. You can purchase different inserts for quick changes to your EDC setup. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0825YA/?tag=bg999-20
Does the admin pack have something to attach it to molle webbing on the back? The pics on Amazon don't show what's on the back.
From the Amazon description: "DUTY BELT/PALS/MOLLE compatible."
From an Amazon review: "Backside has 3x5 molle row."

So probably yes.
And @Barry I think you meant "covertly" branded? ;)
@obake, It does have MOLLE attachments on the back. @zaus, yup! 🤦‍♂️Damn auto correct!
You're missing a red hat and a Glock!
Good call on the red hat @ Justin!! After I took the photo I realized I was missing the quintessential Jacque Cousteau Red Beanie. I own a few Glock products & am a big fan, but I don't typically EDC a firearm in the city or on the water.
maybe one of the other interns is holding the glock...
Oh hell yeah! Team Zissou for the WIN!!! Great Set-Up.
Thank you sir! 🙏