Today's Everyday Carry!!!


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I think this setup is awesome! I have been carrying a Glock 19 for 3 years and have a 2nd X300 not doing anything and I want to add it to my EDC. How do you carry iwb or owb and in what position? Do you find the length / width of the light a nuisance?
By placing a light and RMR on a CCW you are adding weight and size to something that's supposed to be compact and concealable as possible. On a range/comp gun sure go for it, but not on a carry gun. I shoot a STI Edge, custom AR and shotgun in 3Gun, but I don't carry or use any of them outside of 3Gun.
Gotta ask why you EDC a weapon light and are considering a RMR on a EDC pistol? You obviously carry a light already and an RMR on a carry gun isn't a wise choice for a EDC CCW. Spent 20+years carrying a sidearm or weapon of some sort daily (retired SOF soldier) and teach/instruct firearms currently. Just curious as I can't understand the logic of these choices for an EDC CCW.
I have a rmr on my glock 34 already. I personally get better a faster target Acquisition from a red dot then I do on irons. As for the light maybe I'm not understanding the question. After doing 3 gun competitions for 5 years on the same rmr red dot I can safely say the robust and quality of the design are everything I need to carry and be effective.
To each their own. I just don't understand the logic.
I am talking about a trijicon rmr red dot sight by the way.
Did you do your own stippling? What kind of holster?
Yeah i did it with a waffle tip. I carry a bravo concealment dos HOLSTER. I practiced a lot on ar magazine's before doing it. It turned out to be pretty good. I just got a slide from zev tech for red dot rmr. Still gotta lot of Practice before i slap it on my carry gun though.