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J.S. Leonard
As we all here at EDC are dedicated to our gear and how we carry it. But something we all need to look at within the EDC community is how to trust your gear. I don't carry anything that I don't believe will work 100% of the time every time. Meaning I don't carry knives that require special care such as user adjustment‚Äč to ensure proper operation. Then there is the watch, I won't wear a digital watch on a daily basis such as a smartwatch because it isn't guaranteed to work all the time. I know some will argue this point but a grown man should wear an analog watch unless you're an environment we're such a watch wouldn't be as advantageous such as hiking mountain climbing or during military operations. But even during those activities and analog watch has its advantages, it always works especially those such as the Citizen Eco-Drive or automatics. Smart watches are so limited and require updates and are constantly having to be fiddled with that they can't be trusted to function properly. Now we get to the pen, though I still enjoy and do write with a fountain pen I EDC a roller ball or ball point because they work every time all the time. Though not the best writing instrument I strongly endorse Fisher space pen refills. Because regardless of what angle you ride in weather it's hot cold wet or dry they always right and that is the purpose of an EDC pen to always be able to right when you need it to write. Regardless of what you carry on a daily basis you should always gear your carry towards reliability. Ask yourself each morning or evening before you walk out the door do I trust everything I'm caring to work properly and to work when I need it to work. Also ask yourself do I need to carry this or that. Too often we cram our pockets full of items that we deem neat or cool but never get used not on a daily basis. Those items should be reserved for your bag or tote "I might need this" but I might need this doesn't mean you will need this. So in closing carry what you trust carry what will work and when it comes to carrying on your person always remember buy quality and use the mantras light is right and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

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two great knives. anyone who hasn't had the SKX experience still has a couple holes left to be punched in his Guy Card :)

craig b ·
I give a hearty AMEN to you. Always love your posts. I've improved but simplified my EDC and I'm due for a resubmit. I like to see the evolution of your (and others) EDC. Mine changes slowly, because if I buy it I'm sure gonna use the heck out of it.
J.S. Leonard ·
Thanks Craig! Oh I'm right there with you on that. I've got drawers full of knives and pens and boxes of widgets and beads. If I buy it I feel I MUST carry it. But in the end simplicity won.
David M ·
Those are nice knives but they both appear to be functionally the same. Why carry both?
J.S. Leonard ·
One is a wharncliffe blade slip joint (Northwoods) the other is a massively‚Äč thick clip point (Three Sisters Forge). Each has it's own cutting task uses. For light easy task I use the Northwoods for more heavy or tactile situations I'll use the three sisters Forge. And went out in public not knowing who my audience is whether they be nice people or sheeple I can pull out the North Woods without any real fear of anyone being alarmed by its presence. But at the same time I'm carrying a backup knife in the three sisters Forge to my concealed carry pistol that I could not have if I only carried the North Woods with it being a slip joint. I nearly always carry two knives for those reasons.