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Landman (age 34)
Oklahoma City

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How do you like your G2?
I’m loving it. Way more than I anticipated. First gun I’ve carried on me since the military. It’s got great safety features such as a red lever that stays up on the top of the barrel to signify a round is in the chamber, as well as the regular safety lever and a safety built on to the gun that requires a key. It’s pretty compact and robust. I’ve heard some negative things about Taurus but so far this one seems legit for concealed carry
First of all Thank you for your service!
I agree I've been carrying it myself for a couple of years now and I love. It shoots well at the range and when I'm carrying it I barely know it's there. I love the safety on it as well and the compact yet beefyness of it has impressed me. Best gun Taurus has put out in a long time.