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WESN Titanium Micro Blade

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Jonathan Tayag
WESN Titanium Micro Blade

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When space is at a premium in your EDC, you might end up leaving your favorite knife at home. Even some smaller everyday carry knife options can be either too big for what you need, or other times, even too small to be anything more than a novelty. What you need is an extremely compact EDC knife that can actually perform. The WESN Titanium Micro Blade is a fully funded Kickstarter project that aims to be just that, designed with a strong set of features you'd expect from a knife twice its size.

The WESN Titanium Micro Blade is an incredibly tiny EDC folding knife that looks built for real use. The excellent utility of the knife starts with its 1.5” AUS8 stainless steel blade. It has a modified drop point shape with a pronounced curve that increases the surface area of the knife and helps it deal with tasks easily, like a larger knife could. The AUS8 composition allows for an ideal mix of sharpness, edge retention, and ease of maintenance. Deployment is also easy thanks to two opening mechanisms: a thumbstud on the blade and a flipper tab on the spine.

Its grade 5 titanium handle helps bring the weight of the knife down to just a single ounce for barely-there pocket or keychain carry. The resilient, springy characteristic of titanium also improves performance of the WESN's frame lock mechanism, which you usually don't see on a knife of this size. On the side is a deep carry pocket clip designed for right-handed carry. Because the knife is only 2.25” when closed, the clip can also double as an effective cash clip for your bills. The hole at the other end of the handle can accommodate lanyard or keychain carry as well. There's even a beautiful leather sheath available for the knife at higher pledges.

It's not often you can look at a tiny EDC knife that inspires confidence in its ability to work for you. The WESN does just that. Make your pledge to the fully-funded Kickstarter to secure a WESN Titanium Micro Blade of your own.

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Jonathan Tayag

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Jonathan Tayag is secretly an information technology and corporate security expert who prefers to moonlight as a creative event and commercial photographer whenever possible. His varied experience and substantial travels have led him to seek, without even thinking about it at first, the best gear for the best use at the best price available. Before the concept of EDC (everyday carry) firmly took hold, Jonathan already spent untold amounts of time optimizing for the best-in-slot pieces of gear, from cameras and lenses to pocket knives, pens, and bags and packs. In November 2015, Jonathan joined EverydayCarry.com and has since written numerous articles and guides to help impart his knowledge to the community as a whole.

Jonathan's photographic works have appeared on numerous online websites, print, video, and television outlets for over a decade. Jonathan's previous clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Red Bull, ESL, Razer, and several other endemic and non-endemic esports sponsors and brands. His work also features heavily in online competitive gaming communities, especially those of the StarCraft and Fighting Game genres. You've likely seen his work if you've spent time in a stream or in-game chat over the years.

Discussion (14 total)

Jerzy ·
Aaaaargh! You had me sold right up until "AUS8"!
Billy Chester ·
Hey Jerzy! I just announced an upgrade option for S30V. Ive gotten a lot of requests. I just wanted to keep the price affordable for all consumers.
Kelly Pixler ·
How do I go about getting the SV30 version?
Kelly Pixler ·
Billy Chester ·
You add $20 to your total pledge amount. So if you are buying one knife at $40 it would be $60 plus shipping.
Charles P ·
Just wanted to confirm; If I pledged for two knives I just add an additional $20 per knife to the pledge amount and they will come with the SV30 blade?
Jerzy ·
Can you make it without a pocket clip?
Tracker ·
Ironically, I came to the comments section of this article to say literally the exact same thing.
edcLefty ·
A reversible pocket clip is the number one feature on a knife for me. Being a lefty, fixed clips always put the knife backwards in my left pocket. I understand it's an added cost, but please! Think of us southpaws.

(I do understand this is a somewhat inexpensive knife, but two extra tapped holes can't add *that* much.)
Billy Chester ·
Hey!! I will be running a survey at the end of the campaign for leftys to make a customer adjustment to their model. I hope that helps :]
Darren ·
I waited a long time to get my WESN micro...finally arrived and what a disappointment. The flipper action doesn't work pretty much at all...blade locks up and is hard to open altogether. When the blade is open and in the locked position there is about 5 degrees of play up and down. I tried to contact WESN several times and they have not responded. I am afraid to mail it back for return because then all will be lost. What knife did you review? Every review I've read was during the kickstarter phase...now I can't find any reviews from folks who actually have one. This thing is a $50 paper weight.
Hey Darren. Glad I saw you're post. I'm having the exact same issue with opening this thing. It's crazy hard to open and the flicker works 1 out of maybe 20 tries. Glad I saw your comment. I was thinking it was just me...
Charles P ·
Just pledged for two as gifts!
Deleteaccount ·
Awww. Cute...