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First Tactical Fathom Dive Watch

Jonathan Tayag
First Tactical Fathom Dive Watch

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When you need an EDC watch that will stand up to the elements, a dive watch is your best bet. They're built to tackle critical underwater missions, after all. But even if you don't plan on taking it for a dip, a dive watch is still a solid choice for everyday wear. The First Tactical Fathom is a rugged yet sophisticated dive watch that wears well both out in the field and out on the town.

As a bona fide dive watch, the Fathom is waterproof down to 200 meters thanks to its pressurized internals, stainless steel case, and screw-down crown. Durable from the outside in, it features a Japanese quartz movement and a uni-directional rotating bezel for reliable timekeeping with minimal maintenance. Its TPSiV polymer band will also withstand the rigors of getting wet and drying out on a frequent basis. As an added tactical feature, the watch band has a morse code cheatsheet on its reverse side.

The Fathom wasn't designed to be solely a tool — its sleek styling makes it a timepiece you can wear off duty, too. At 47mm, its has plenty of wrist presence and an extremely legible face thanks to the larger diameter and minimalist markers. Super-LumiNova coating on the hands glow in the dark help with visibility in low-light conditions. And the hardened mineral crystal will hold up to moderate bumps and inadvertent scratches during daily use.

If you're been looking to add a durable and waterproof watch to your EDC, consider making the First Tactical Fathom your first choice. It's available in two different colors: matte black and titatnium-colored stainless steel. Check out both versions at the link below.

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Angel Feliciano ·
I just got my Fathom and I really like it! Its a Clean well made Solid Timepiece that looks like it will give me many years of Faithful Service.
Bruno ·
The price is easy on the budget, but it's commensurate with the price of so many other quartz watches. What this points out is the relative lack-of-pizazz inherent to quartz in general. Quartz is quartz. As far as I'm concerned, anyway. The phrase used in the write-up above, 'minimal maintenance' is being ...well, more than kind. Said another way: quartz is somewhat boring. There's nothing to do with one except strap it on. They can look swell but they're unexciting. I mean, if you're gonna pay $150 for a timepiece, why not go for one that immerses you in the cool, arcane world of chronology and all the precision engineering that entails? This particular watch --Fathom--is nice-looking, I admit. A clean, easy-to-read face--bravo. The right size on your wrist and exactly the type of band I prefer. And I like the morse code element, too. That's fun. But for just a little more money I'd get something to really be proud of. Just sayin'
Shame its double the price in the uk. Looks like a nice watch.
hauke13 ·
I personnaly use a Citizen Promaster Automatic. Its also a dive watch with a capability of diving 200m. It has a sleek, simple design and fits tactical aswell as elegant situations.