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Florida, USA
Here are a few items I take in my BOND Travel Gear Pouch when I travel. More info on the gear pouch here: www.bondtravelgear.com. FULL DISCLOSURE: I design bags and own BOND Travel Gear. That said, this is my actual EDC, so hopefully it's ok if I post here.

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Chris, will an ipad mini fit in the sleeve that holds the kindle?
Hi Brad, it sure will! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any other questions: chris (at) bondtravelgear (dot) com
Nothing like cutting and pasting a photo from the products website and claiming it as your own. Shame shame.
Hi Buck. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for bringing up an oversight on my part. I own BOND Travel Gear and just added that disclosure to my comment. This is my actual EDC, but I should've been more clear up front.
That photo is used on the bond site or you used the photo from the bond website and post it here. Anyway, it looks like a very functionaliteit pouch, sir. And a great marketing strategie to post it here. It bet a lot of folks would like to give the pouch a go! Thank you for posting.
Hi Bas. I own the company and just added that disclosure to my post. I should've been more clear and I apologize for that. I appreciate the compliment and these are my actual EDC items.
Great job, Chris! Seems your escapade is selling great! Good luck with your company. Seems your company has put some great thought into this product.
Thanks a lot Bas! We try our best.
what's that case on the iPhone?
Ah, that was a gift (stocking stuffer last Christmas). Sorry, not sure where they got it.