My Brass and Leather EDC

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Tampa, FL

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J.S. Leonard ·
Nice set-up. iPhone and Apple Watch? Kindly.... Bro it ain't 2010 any longer, Android is where it's at now. Stop being an Apple slave. Apple just isn't relative any longer.
An argument as old as... well Android. I am a gadget guy through and through. I have had android phones, windows phones, blackberry, webos and of course iOS. There are arguments for all. I have a Apple family so it just works better for me. Truth be told I am hoping Windows on arm materializes but I’ve been disappointed so many times before by Microsoft. Want to see something really cool though check out Planet PC Gemini. Dual boot android and Linux.
J.S. Leonard ·
You had a Zune didn't you???
gargoyle ·
Beautiful setup, Chris. *REALLY* Like that Kershaw with the brass scales. Very nice looking knife. May have to see about getting one of those.... ;-)
Nice, right? I am considering doing another with copper. Check out Flytanium. They have some interesting scales for this and the paramilitary.