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J.S. Leonard
Eblerstock X4 HiSpeed-

Great 3 Day pack that is incredibly comfortable for all day wear. Great for day - 3 Day hikes. Good enough for Special Operations. We used them in Iraq & Afghanistan with zero issues.

Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag w/
Phalanx Defense Systems Ballistic Inserts-

Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag is a phenomenal EDC bag. compact yet roomy and allows modularity with their Molle and Tactigami system. It can become 100% discreet with stowaway panel that covers Molle webbing. By adding the
Phalanx Defense Systems Ballistic Inserts (Sale to the general public isn't authorized) The bag was designed to accept these inserts and when the main compartment is unzipped it folds completely Ford covering the entire groin area and upper section when the back is pulled up front covers all the vital organs up top thus giving you a bulletproof vest up to .357 Magnum. Let's just say I very rarely ever leave home without it.

Maxpedition Operator Attaché-

This it's probably the toughest attache/ briefcase on the market. Very comfortable. Carries well when completely loaded, I have carried two laptops with all accessories in this bag comfortably. It has plenty of storage and pocket space so that you can space all of your your things and particulars so that it is truly an individual bag.

GORUCK Rucker-

What can I say that hasn't already been said about GORUCK other than they're one of the best bags if not the best bags made on the market right now. The company was founded and it's still owned by former Special Forces officer. All of their bags are designed and field-tested by Special Forces before going into mass production. They are second-to-none as is there customer service and warranty. The Rucker is the perfect small EDC pack, training pack, gym bag, overnight bag, commuter bag or any other tasks or event you can possibly think of where you need a small pack. I have personally used the Rucker as a carry on for weekend trips where everything was packed into just the Rucker and there were no issues or wants. They're not specifically designed to carry a laptop, but the compartments inside the main compartment that were designed to carry rucking (backpacking) weights will house a 15 inch laptop.


If you travel the GORUCK GR2 is the Holy Grail travel bags. It is Airline carry on compliant and flipping bomb proof. You can pack this bag and literally travel indefinitely and with speed and ease using only the GR2. Since it is carry-on compliant you are carrying your luggage on the plane and then when you disembark you are walking off the plane with your luggage, so therefore there is no waiting around at baggage claim. It has One external zippered pocket and it has an outer compartment that houses four Pockets that are all zippered and a different sizes and depths. This apartment can also carry items other than items in the zippered compartments such as jacket shoes Etc... . Then the main compartment has Molle webbing on the interior and two more large zippered compartments and a sleeve with heavy duty mil-spec elastic that can hold a large tablet and then on the back between the padding and shoulder straps there is a laptop compartment that can hold a big ass laptop. This is truly one bag to rule them all. The GR2 has won just about every travel award there is for carry-on bag. do yourself a favor save up and buy any garage bag and you'll be happy buy once cry once. Trust me you'll thank me later.

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