ED Room service, bellman tools

Felipe Mendoza
San Mateo, California
The wedge it door stop is a back saver, it can go in the hinge, wedge it on the floor and a more permanent on the top of door, the knife is quick opening with the Emerson wave patent opening blade. Pen, in case i have to punch a hole thru the wall or window to escape a horny lonely lady?, and a flashlight to blind her first.

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What's the orange object?
Felipe Mendoza ·
It’s a door stop, I’m sure you know the old Brown wedge door stops, well those are a pain, first you have to bend down to pick up😜 this door stop fits in the hinge of the door, or, you can wedge it on the floor, or it fits on the top of the door, just makes life a bit easier.
What a Great idea! Awesome Drop!