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Between my birthday and payday, I made a pretty good haul. Now to look through my whole EDC and sort things out a bit.

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May need to pick up some of those misclicks. Doesn’ look like they take up much space, and probably easy to carry.
Haha they don't cost anything either! Just simply turn your brain off!
Good way to ruin a knife is to use one of those drag through pieces of crap. Look into a real sharpening system, a whet stone or something. You'll be very happy with the results. But hold onto that guy for camping or emergencies, it'll make a piece of sh*t cut in a pinch. Nice setup dude
Get the Pioneer X or Field Master or other Victorinox will have a better pair of scissors.
Add a good hankerchief (banada), small light such as Nitecore Tip, a Bic lighter and a small boo boo med kit in the pouch and should have most all bases covered. The multi tool maybe the Gerber Dime, a small Leatherman or in my case a Victorinox such as the Tinker. $20-$40 has a lot of options, I prefer the Alox Pioneer series.

Hard to believe I leave the house every day carrying $200-$400 of EDC gear... More if count my watch...and Android phone ... Add those in carrying about $1000+ in EDC. Truth is my watch is more expensive than my phone.
Funny thing is I have a good bit of items not pictured on either of my submissions thus far that I plan on adding. It's been quite the puzzle game getting everything to work comfortably haha. I was debating a hanky/bandanna anyway so thanks for helping enabling me on that.
Nice, I went from trying to add the correct RAT to accidentally ruining the whole submission. It seems editing only adds, but doesn't subtract items.