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Great Britain (UK)

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Rudolf Six ·
You're among the first I see on here with a clipper lighter, really cool! Worlds best lighter imo.
They've not let me down yet. I definitely prefer them over Bics and the metal cases definitely class them up too.
Michael ·
What band is that on the timex?
Michael Rayburn ·
Agreed. I'm curious too. Nice band!
Michael ·
If you find out let me know. It looks like he might not respond. Lol
Sorry for the slow reply gents. It’s actually the stock strap for a Timex Chronograph model TW2P62300 I bought a long time ago. The leather has taken a nice dark patina and is going really strong after 2 or 3 years of daily use.
Michael ·
Hey thanks for actually replying. Would you please do me a favor and link me with the exact watch because I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance
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hauke13 ·
Do you use the kydex or the leather sheeth on the knife?
I went for the kydex because I prefer to scout carry it. Works out great.
Andrew Casel ·
Refreshing layout