Yifeng Tang
Los Angeles

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Jon Kipp ·
which vanquest pack is that?
Kordel Day ·
Organizer pouches are one of the best EDC lifestyle aids. I use the Maxpedition EDC Organizer for all my back ups and extra supplies I don’t carry in my pocket. I like what you did with the Vanquest
James R. ·
How do you like your DPx Gear? I've been eyeing the HEST/F for a while, but have heard some people complain about fit and finish.
Yifeng Tang ·
Hello James, the finish of this particular HEST T/F is surprising well, I must say, and everything is smooth and well put together, as for the finish, the knife has no blade play, and it is almost razor sharp right out of the box, but this knife does not do well in edge retention and needs to be often resharpened, also the point where the top of the frame lock butts up against the tang of the blade has a really tight finish, which it makes this crisp metal friction noise when you press it too hard on the liner lock, this can be annoying sometimes for some people.
James R. ·
What steel is yours in?
Yifeng Tang ·
Sleipner steel.