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Victorinox Maverick Black Edition

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Victorinox Maverick Black Edition

Finding an everyday watch can be tough. There are so many styles to choose from: divers, flingers, field watches, digital, and much more. Each style has its own benefits worth having on an EDC watch, but it’s rare to see a design that brings them all together. The Maverick Black Edition from Victorinox cherrypicks the best from each style of watch, and seamlessly blends them into a sturdy timepiece that’s wearable dressed up or down, whether you’re in the office or on your next adventure.

The first thing that stands out about the Maverick Black is the depth of the dial and how it can change its look depending on how it catches the light. At some angles, it looks almost  blacked out, while at others the silver indices and hands pop out with a stunning shine. The dial has the Victorinox shield at 12 o’clock, Arabic numerals at 3 and 9, and a date window at 6. The inner portion of the dial displays military time, and there are minute markers on the chapter ring. It sounds like a lot of information to display, but the design works really well without being cluttered.

The 43mm case is crafted from high-grade 316L stainless steel and treated with a black coating to give it a stealthy look. Also on the watch is a uni-direction diver style bezel that can be used for tracking elapsed time. You’ll also find a 100m water resistance rating, a reliable Swiss-made quartz movement, and a coated sapphire crystal. The Maverick’s features come together to create a handsome looking watch.

The Maverick Black Edition is a limited run from Victorinox. It ships with a heavy-duty black leather strap and a premium watch box. The Black Edition also comes in a smaller 34mm version, or a chronograph model that has a tachymeter and timing features. You can check out the Maverick Black Edition at the link below.

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novcrim ·
Too bad it’s over $500 :(
Henry Hakamaki ·
How's the quality of the strap? When I see stitched leather, I always get curious because I've had fantastic quality stitched leather and absolutely terrible quality stitched leather. In my experience, the quality of just a solid chunk of leather is a lot more consistent.