The EDC of an American masters student in Germany

Henry Hakamaki
Bonn, Germany
I'm an American, but I'm getting my MSc degree in Immunobiology here in Germany at the world renowned University of Bonn. This isn't necessarily the stuff I EDC back home in the States, but it serves its purpose well here. Normally I'd also carry a multitool, but knife laws are so bizarre here in Germany that I play it safe and just EDC my trusty Opinel. Items 1-7 (to the right of the charging cord) I EDC in my pants pockets. Items 8-13 (including some repeats of earlier numbers) I carry in my laptop bag. I almost never have my laptop in the bag, but I use it as basically a satchel for when I go anywhere farther than the grocery store, whether that's to class (in which case I put a full size notebook in the bag as well), or to take a train ride, or just to go wander around for a bit. Overall I'm happy with what I carry, though like I said, it would be slightly different if it was my EDC from home (add a multitool, I alternate knives from my big collection, I wear a different/more expensive watch, I use actual Rite in the Rain brand notepads, etc.) due to either availability and prices of things here in Germany or different laws than back home. Hope you all enjoy!

Here's the list of stuff along with a brief description of why I carry it or why I have this specific brand. Keep in mind that I don't always have my laptop bag (and therefore items 8-13 and the repeats) on me, but I bring it pretty much everytime I go out for more than an hour or so:

1) Casio MW-59-7BVEF: Very small, very cheap, and water resistant to 50m. In the States I wear a different watch, but I wear this one while I'm here in Germany due to the fact that if I break it while I'm here I can just throw it out instead of trying to figure out how to repair it. Plus the slimness of it fits well under my lab coat sleeve.

2) Aukey LT-SET5-DE LED Flashlight: Cheap, bright, and has a beam focuser and bright, dim, and strobe settings. Works really well, my only complaint is that the pocket clip isn't even remotely deep carry, it leaves part of the flashlight exposed out of the pocket, so I normally just drop the flashlight into my pocket without using the clip.

3) Officeline Tintenroller Pen: Just a cheap, generic pen I got here from a discount store in Germany. Nothing special, just the pen I keep on my person.

4) Opinel No 7 Carbon Steel Folding knife: One of the few knives in my collection that is legal to carry here in Germany. The rest of my knives are in the US, but this Opinel is perfectly sufficient to accomplish any small tasks I have while I'm here. Definitely a recommended knife for anyone that doesn't have one.

5) Dockers Men's Trifold Wallet,Black,One Size: Nothing fancy here, I'm not even sure what the model is. I've had this as my everyday wallet since I was in 5th or 6th grade, so for 11 or 12 years now, and besides some small holes in between segments on the interior, it's still well intact. That's what happens when you get a genuine leather wallet and don't do anything stupid with it.

6) Duck Tape: The reason there is two chunks of duck tape here is because one goes in my pocket (about 4 feet wrapped on itself) and the other goes in my laptop bag (about 8 feet wrapped on itself).

7) Waterproof Notepad: I keep one of these waterproof notebooks in my pants pocket (with the pencil stub jammed into the spiral binding), and the other goes in my laptop bag. In the States I carried Rite In the Rain brand, but the only RitR notebooks I've found here in Germany are super expensive, which is why I've got the generic here.

8) Bic Grip Roller Pen: One of my favorite pens, I keep this one in my laptop bag as a backup, because I know that if my pen in my pocket fails, I can rely on this one.

9) Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil: Easily my favorite pencil, I keep several of them in my laptop bag just in case I need something to write with and both of my pens crap out on me.

10) ASUS External Battery Pack for Universal/Smartphones: I keep this in my laptop bag in case my phone starts to die down.

11) Disposable Wooden Forks: Keep a few in my laptop bag, because you never know when you'll come across something you need to eat. ;)

12) Emtec 4GB Flash Drive: Even though I almost never have my laptop in my laptop bag, I keep this in it just in case. Nothing fancy, I got the thing for free though so why not carry it.

13) UHU Extra Alleskleber - All Purpose Glue 31g Tube - Made in Germany: I keep this in my laptop bag because I wouldn't want to be caught with only one type of adhesive on me.

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Henry Hakamaki ·
I have to apologize to Rite in the Rain. I'm still a loyal fan of yours, but I'm a super poor student and your products are way more expensive here in Germany than at home. In the States I always carry you though!