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J.S. Leonard ·
How ya digging the Citizen AT0550-11X? I love mine I've had it for several years now you can really dress up with it or you can just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and it's just one of those truly EDC watches. I don't wear it very often but the to Echo drives that I do own I really do enjoy because the simple fact is they do hold a charge for about 6 months. My other is the Citizen Blue Angels Navihawk A-T Watch Jy8031-56L. It's a bit flash but a really fun piece. Rest of my collection is mostly Japanese seiko's and swiss watches. On the Eco Drive Front though my son did score a sweet red arrows model when we were in Ireland. And I must admit I am a bit jealous of that watch simply because you don't see him here stateside.
Yes I really do like it too, I wear another watch more on a daily basis just because the leather band was starting to get wore down and it matches the face so nicely I didn't want to have to replace it yet. But I agree with you completely about everything. In fact I left it in it's box/case when moved and forgot about it for nearly 6months I left it by the window seal and it charged right back up perfectly,!