On my person EDC

I've had all these items for many months now, some for years, and this is as slimmed down as my EDC gets these days. Most used item is BY FAR the flashlight, which surprised me. Watch never needs a charge or battery. Lip balm and space pen are so small I never notice them. Same with the zt0360 Persian flipper; it's super light CF and titanium & has a small form factor. I've had many other folding knives, and zero tolerance is by far my favorite.
Wallet is saddleback, and it's bullet proof.
Not pictured are my Glock 19 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Everything else I carry in my Waterfield Designs Bolt briefcase, but that's not on my person.

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The patina on your wallet looks great.
Just keep it in your pocket a month and it'll break in.
MXG gear ebay its titanium quality built
Nice simplistic edc Craig.I own the Zt 0460 just got a deep carry clip for it,loving it.
Nice! Where did you get the clip? Rides pretty high on the pocket right now!