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Johannesburg, South Africa
This is literally just a quick pocket dump. All my everyday essentials.

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I am surprised this is the first insulin supplies I have seen here. Do you carry any kind of cooling pouch? How do you stash BG meter and other insulin pen supplies?
Late reply, I apologise. Yeah, I thought it would be good to include my insulin pen because it's always in my pocket. I don't carry a cooling pouch. I know it's best to keep them cold but I've never really experienced any issue in the insulin's performance when it's lived it's lifespan in my pocket. I finish one of those in about 2 weeks.

My spare supplies live in my fridge at home. BG meter is either in my work bag, wife's handbag or next to my bed. I'm pretty good at feeling my sugar levels though, so I do just fine if I don't have it on me... but I try make an effort to always have it accessible.