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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your EDC Wallet

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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your EDC Wallet

While the weather we've been having might not agree, spring has sprung. Now is a great time to make a fresh start and do some long overdue spring cleaning, even in your EDC. A great place to start is with the wallet in your pocket: it's one of those things in your carry that can really get out of hand. To keep your wallet trim and tidy, just follow a few of these simple steps.

1. Toss Receipts, Business Cards, Ticketstubs, etc.

Snap photos of things like this on your phone for reference, then physically clear them out from your wallet. It's a quick and easy way to start trimming your wallet down. It might also be a good time to use up those gift cards or give them a new home in your sock drawer.

2. Move Membership Cards to Your Smartphone or Keychain

If you joined a gym or any retail loyalty club you've probably reluctantly stuffed some membership card in your wallet that you use only once in a while. Luckily, you can free up space in your wallet by offloading these to your phone's wallet app. Short of that, you can also opt to carry the keychain-sized cards on your keyring. While it does still take up some physical space in your EDC, it can be much more convenient than keeping the cards tucked away in your wallet.

3. Keep Your Most-Used IDs, Credit, and Debit Cards Just in Case

Mobile payments aren't accepted everywhere just yet, so most of us need to get by with a physical wallet still. That said, take a hard look at your bank cards and try to keep them down to just the few you use the most.

4. Carry Fewer, Larger Bills to Break as Needed

Cash and coins are probably the most difficult essentials to carry, but they're essential nonetheless. With so many cash-only establishments out there, carrying cash can be a necessary evil. Instead of walking around with a wad of small bills, keep it to a minimum with a bigger bill you'd carry most of the time and just break it when necessary.

5. Switch to a Minimalist Wallet

One way to make all of this easier is to carry a wallet that leans towards minimalism by design. Not only does a minimalist wallet like the Ridge take up less pocket space overall, it also discourages hoarding cards. Without a bunch of dedicated card slots, there's no temptation to keep them filled with cards you won't use. It can still fit up to 12 cards if you need 'em, and can be configured with a cash strap or money clip for managing your change. Get a closer look at the Ridge wallet at the link below.

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What are your tricks for keeping your wallet in check? Leave a comment below!

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Ben Sergeant ·
Minimalist all the way - keep it simple and clean, don’t carry unnecessary junk in your pocket!
Karl Hicks ·
I switched from a more traditional leather wallet to a Recycled Firefighter Sergeant wallet and I honestly haven't looked back. My wallet used to be so stuffed with things that hardly ever or in many cases NEVER got used. Now it's literally, a credit card, two debit cards, and two ID cards. Compared to almost 20 plastic cards, who knows how many business cards, and stamp cards. Admittedly, I have a wallet dedicated to loyalty cards and stamp cards in my jacket, but I can live with that because it's not in my pocket anymore.
big Easy ·
Clever tips!! especially about BIG BILLS and all those loyalty cards... plenty of apps out there to upload and electronically keep the bar codes.
John Wallace ·
i recommend the chums surf shorts wallet
weehawk ·
Carry Smarter is back! YES!
Ethan ·
I like a minimalist wallet but I don't like the metal wallets like the ridge wallets. I have a Maxpedition LPW it is a great minimalist wallet. You hardly even notice it. I carry my wallet in the back pocket, not as a front pocket wallet.
Billy ·
Switched to Disc Wallets and was the best decision I made. Have kept staying in my minimalist ways ever since, highly recommend their products to checkout
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