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Tactica M100 Multi-tool

Bernard Capulong
Tactica M100 Multi-tool

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What's better than shiny new EDC gear? All the scuffs, scratches, and battlescars that come from using your tools like they were meant to be used. Unfortunately, that doesn't really apply to our EDC tech like our smartphones and tablets. Luckily, the Tactica M100 stands out from the rest as a truly tech- and travel-friendly EDC multi-tool that still comes with everything you'd need for common daily tasks. Thanks to its bladeless design and unique non-scratch composite material construction, it'll keep your pockets light, screens pristine, and tasks handled no matter where you're headed.

The M100 comes as an update to Tactica's original Talon tool, this time with the strength of hardened stainless steel at its core. The new 420SS steel core houses the M100's heavy duty bit socket and 6 wrenches for when you need more torque for the job. It's safely embedded within the composite frame, meaning your tech is still safe from scratches.

If a bit driver is an essential part of your kit, you'll appreciate the clever way the M100 handles storing and swapping bits. You can stow and access your bit of choice in the frame thanks to an easy-access elastomer insert on the side of the tool. That way, you have your bit available to use with either the central heavy duty socket or magnetic light duty socket, as well as a place for safekeeping when not in use.

Other handy everyday features like a bladeless package opener, bottle opener, and rulers round out the tool. Thanks to its TSA-compliant design, non-scratch build and light weight, you can toss it anywhere in your EDC for some extra utility. Check it out at the link below.

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Sakamoto Mio ·
~ so this is the - UPGRADED - Talon? - just named differently now?
Bernard Capulong ·
Yes, the original Talon came out in 2016, this launched late last year as a feedback-driven update and more recently became available on Amazon. The key difference is the stainless steel core.
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