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Craig Rockwell ·
Nice Opinel! Love those knives!
Kevin ·
Did you treat your Opinel handle?
Kevin ·
Yeah, sort of. I cooked the handle on accident re-heating dinner (Salmon I believe). A little olive oil for 15 minutes at 165 degrees. Happy accident, left in tin foil after cutting into the left over package. It's got light and dark spots due to the olive oil not being disturbed that evenly. I like the effect myself.
Russ Harper ·
Do you like the Pollux? The price and reported finickiness have kept me from pulling the trigger, but I've put it in my cart a few times.
Kevin ·
I absolutely love the point. I'm terrible with the two step long pointers like the Kums and end up with needle points that break too easily. It's finicky, there are a couple of pencils it just won't sharpen. As long as its cedar and using the start and stop method (1/4 turn then pull out and start again all the way around until desired point is reached). To me nothing beats a concave point for the longest possible point that doesn't lose out on retention. For me the Pollux is worth the hassle and is pretty close to replacing my crank sharpeners.
Russ Harper ·
That was a fantastic reply and I really appreciate it! I don't like the two-hole sharpeners either (I've used both the KUM Masterpiece and the KUM Automatic and I honestly prefer the cheap KUM Single-hole to both). I wish the Pollux was about 8 dollars cheaper, but eventually, I know I'm going to (con)cave.