Knife update

Everything stayed the same except for my new Cold Steel Frenzy. So. Big. Yet, so easy to carry. Amazing knife.

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Chuck Dee ·
How do you like the vivoactive? I have the first gen, and am experiencing analysis paralysis (especially because it still works... mostly) in replacing it. The new one relies too much on the touchscreen for me, so looking at jumping to the Fenix 3.
BigOrangePA ·
Yeah, I'm still just fine with the Vivioavtive HR. In the end, I need occasional GPS, but mostly activity tracking, general watch functions like alarm and timer, and very minimal push notifications (calls, text alert and brief text, some aps, etc). I simply don't need more than this provides. The Forerunner 35 would be a fine option for my use as well. The new Vivoactive 3 looks pretty impressive, however, with basically all the function of a Fenix without the price tag. I mean, if you're a paratrooper or scuba diver, the Fenix is likely a much better option. There's a major cool factor with the Fenix models as well that you simply don't get with the less expensive models.