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Dango Belt

For many people, a belt is a belt: a piece of leather that holds your pants up. But for EDCers, a good belt is the difference between a guy keeping his outfit together and Batman. And like the rest of the tools they carry every day, a functional, reliable belt can perform well on its own while coming in handy at a moment's notice. Just like the Caped Crusader's famous accessory, Dango's debut into belts seeks to give you both form and function to make the most of your everyday clothing.

Before anything else, a belt has to its job well, which means it has to be built well enough to never let you—or your pants—down. The Dango Belt comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. 

The buckle itself is removable, meaning you can swap out straps to different colors (your choice of Jet Black or Whiskey Brown) to fit your daily ensemble. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3" inner diameter and 1.9" internal height, it's a discreet part of the belt's design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

The Dango Belt is an uncompromising accessory that looks good and performs even better for EDC. You can pick one up in your choice of size and strap color direct from Dango at the link below.

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I actually have this belt, and i'm not all that impressed by it. To access the hidden compartment, you basically need to take the whole buckle apart. Also, there really isn't all that much room inside the tube to hold much, I couldn't fit my meds in it the same way i can with a small keychain pill carrier. The best use i could come up with, was to put some money rolled up into it, but that's about it. I think it would be way more useful if it could store pills, or a key(s). Anyway, i've switched form using it, to a CMC Cobra-D uniform repelling belt.
Bruno ·
Looks nice; but I'm not sure but what a belt could do a lot more than even this. I like the option to swap the buckle out easily onto a different-color belt of the same brand (my only belt is black-tone, and that's not ideal for certain outfits). But a belt buckle itself seems like--if it were a slightly different design than this one from Dango--could hold a lot more than a couple matches or a fish hook. I would gladly take more bulk and a fuller face if the buckle could really store some goods. As for the textile itself--although leather is always snazzy, how much strain can it actually take if used as a lash or a line? I won't mention the brand I currently own but the load-strength of the fabric is a key point. That's the #1 survival aspect I look to it for. It can haul the weight of a human body, maybe two bodies if necessary. That's really the reason I wear it at all. One other preference: my current belt basically 'cinches' without a tongue. So, no worry about the leather around the hole eventually fraying (as always happens). And, I can put my belt on blindfolded and cinch it to exactly the point at which it feels good; without the restriction of pre-cut holes. In sum: I'm eager to see more belt designs appear on everydaycarry.com. This one from Dango is thought-provoking but I personally would rather wait to see future developments. Lots more innovation to be done in the area of belts, but keep up the good work anyway!
Montana Actual ·
So would you need an allen key? or is there one hidden somewhere? Just seems like an excessive amount of work to get to a 'stash spot'.
Ted ·
Looks like we can just unscrew the capsule without disassembling the belt. Wish it had more functions. Maybe that prong can be used as a pry bar, better if it were made of Ti or steel.