June 2018 EDC 2.0

Bookseller (age 27)
Basel, Switzerland
As always, I try to keep my EDC as light (788 g / 27.8 oz.) and minimalistic as possible, without having to sustain a loss in terms of functionality and looks.

I've been looking forward to the new 'Olight I1R EOS' since Shot Show 2018 and finally got it just a few days ago. I really dig the weight/size and the lumen output is just right for a urban/sub-urban setting.

Since it's summertime, I don't really like carrying my leather 'Wishbone Goods Field Notes Cover' in my backpocket, so I just carry a Field Notes on its own.

I got rid of my newish 'Vincero' watch, since it didn't have the quality I wish it had. My new companion is the 'Timex Expedition Metal Field' with a 'Hirsch Forest Leather Strap'.

Other than that, my loadout's pretty much at it's peak, at least IMO.

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