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Mountain View, California
* No housekeys because we use a lock box at home.
* Lip balm is a must in the bay area because it's so dry!
* Flashlight was a $10 slickdeal purchase and is heavily used. I wish the battery would last longer; I've had to replace it rather often.
* Charge TTi is surprisingly light. I used to carry a Ferrum Forge Falcon blade but the Leatherman has since replaced it thanks to the handy pliers (...and weirdly, the scissors -- some things lend themselves better to scissor-cutting than knife-cutting; didn't guess this would be the case at first).
* The watch is my second of the same; the first ran a little fast but this one keeps time perfectly.
* Pixel is almost 2 years old and still going strong. The only non-apple phone I've ever recommended to people; Android has mostly caught up to iOS in user-friendliness, and the camera is a beast.
* Electric cars are the future! We get free charging at work so even though the range isn't that great it's perfect for errands and commuting. For longer trips we still have an old fashioned gas car :)
* OHTO Horizon ballpoint is my favorite pen. It's not too expensive (~$8), is extremely ergonomic, and the clicking mechanism is very pleasant. You get what you pay for; some of the pens are a little poorly machined and I've had a few where the clicking mechanism jams, but this current one has served me well for over a year now.

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