A London journalist's olive green EDC

London, United Kingdom
These are the things I need this week.

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Can you tell me about your paracord bracelet? I like the thinner weave, did you buy it or make it? If you made it, do you have instructions/pattern you can share? Thanks!
Nice, efficient set up. I think this is a decent demonstration of a UK legal pocket dump which is functional, effective and carries a touch of class. I think the wooden scales on the Arthur Wright and the Victorinox really add to the look of this kit.
How are you able to carry the sheep's foot with UK laws like they are also is the victonox exempt from laws. Asking so I put out correct info when I teach EDC and travel.
As long as the knife has a cutting edge 76.5mm (3”) or less, and is a folding knife with no mechanism which can lock the blade in the open position then you are good in the eyes of the law. It must also not be a spring activated knife which can be opened with a button or similar (no autos or ‘flick’ knives), or a gravity knife. 👍🏼
Griff has given the right reply to this one. Also, please do not believe some of the internet memes about UK knife laws.
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