Black and Blue

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Jakarta, Indonesia
My pocket dump, replaced my 6 years old Camper's scale with a titanium for better durability and to give it a cleaner look.
Other than that, it's pretty much the same setup. Wallet and keychain in my left pocket, phone in my right, both K18 and camper in the knife pocket.

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Beautiful scales on your camper! Where'd you find them?
Thanks ! It's a custom scale, and as always I got mine from a craftsman from Bali, check his instagram, @toetsur, if you're interested.
where did you get the little key chain clip you have the Micra attached to?
It's a variation of lobster claw clasp/clip, and you can find it easily Online, or in a art/craft supply store, I salvaged mine from an old wallet though.
Nice Job! Dig the Blue
That keyholder is nicely made!
Very cool carry, Mahrezza F