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Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armor

Bernard Capulong
Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armor

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When it comes to EDC, a classic Zippo lighter might be as close as you can get to perfect. It's windproof, portable, and easy to use (not to mention all the cool tricks you can do with it…) But it isn't waterproof and its fuel can evaporate over time, making it less reliable in outdoors or survival situations. Thyrm's new PyroVault aims to solve the beloved Zippo's fatal flaws while adding even more EDC-friendly features. It's like a futuristic suit of armor for your favorite windproof lighter.

The PyroVault locks things down in an extremely durable, heat-resistant polymer enclosure sized to accommodate most butane and fluid windproof lighter inserts. It features aggressive grip surfaces and a spring-loaded latch for easy one handed use. Most importantly, its O-ring seal keeps elements out and minimizes fuel evaporation, making it a much more worthy companion for your outdoor excursions and less likely to run out of fuel when you're out in the field. The spring latch combined with the enhanced water resistance gives it an edge over the more common peanut lighter alternatives, which can be cumbersome to unscrew and operate (especially when your hands are wet).

The PyroVault also adds one of the most conspicuously absent features on a lighter: a pocket clip. The back of the PyroVault features a low-profile clip designed to attach to MOLLE/PALS webbing on your pack or other compatible gear. The PyroVault is available in your standard assortment of tactical colors, a hi-vis orange color for outdoors use, and a low-profile urban grey for general EDC. For a quick way to uparmor your lighter, check out Thyrm's latest at the link below.

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Sakamoto Mio ·
~ I like the concept (however) what about those that have emblems attached to the exterior of the Zippo, as those issued by Units (military/civilian) as rewards or upon upon retirement?

~ Its would be great if this was slightly upgraded to - "fit" - those particular Zippos with such attachments.
Andrew Frazier ·
Perhaps to clarify, you remove the insert from your Zippo sleeve and slide it into the PyroVault. It wouldn't accept a whole Zippo with our without an emblem or insignia on it.