Kore Essentials Inc
San Diego
Kore EDC belts are the best-fitting, most comfortable, concealed carry belt you'll ever wear. A hidden, virtually indestructible track offers 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust your belt 1/4" at a time. The result = a secure, precise fitting EDC belt that gives you a smooth, fast draw. Top-Grain leather or Tactical nylon webbing (1.5" wide) with Reinforced Poly-Core center for added stiffness & stability. Leather gun belts fit any waist size from 24” up to 44” & Tactical gun belts fit any waist from 24" to 54". Gun belts are NOT interchangeable with our Fashion belts.

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Edward Chaplauske ·
These gun belts work great. Not ideal for aiwb in my opinion though.
Montana Actual ·
I feel no belt with a traditional bulky buckle is, unless you wear it to the side, which sucks. When I AIWB, I use an inner no buckle style belt, not even reinforced, and I have zero problems. In fact, it's the most comfortable option I have ever found and IMHO, you don't need reinforcement.
Montana Actual ·
I have been looking for something like this for a while. Reinforced all the way through and a simple buckle. It's perfect. I just picked one up.

I have had a Kore belt for a couple years now. The first one did "break", or snapped somehow, but I have had no issues with the second, which was replaced by Kore at no additional expense. I simply showed them it broke and they sent a new one. Great belt.

The new one they have is 1.75", but it is a much better construction. I actually plan on changing some holsters to 1.75" to accommodate it. I guess as long as Kore is making belts, I will be a customer.