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SoCal Jack
Getting back into carrying a sling. This EDC loadout is a work in progress. It also holds my 15" laptop, not shown. If you are considering carrying a ballistic insert, IMHO, a sling is the way to go becuase you can sling it from back of body to front of body quickly. BTW, my current insert is too big and does not fit well, I'll need a new one. The Vertx Commuter already had a lot of built in organization and is super easy for personalized customization. This sling is pricy so I suggest waiting for a Black Friday like sale, or you can use the LLOD discount code on the Vertx website for 25% off.

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Montana Actual ·
This bag is awesome. I have a 5.11 slinger and it lacks some features that VertX nailed. Too bad I can't justify an upgrade, even with the discount code.
SoCal Jack ·
The past year I have been checking these 3 websites weekly: tactical gear.com, opticsplanet.com, and govx.com for great deals. I bought this sling bag from tactical gear.com. IMO, If you need a sling bag that can be quickly swung from back to front and has a compartments for ballistic inserts, then maybe you can justify buying a vertx commuter sling? If you can get full use of all the features it offers, it would be a great investment.