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Fenix LD02 V2 Penlight

Bernard Capulong
Fenix LD02 V2 Penlight

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Before we had keychain-sized pocket rockets we have today, EDCers would rely on a trusty AAA light to hit the sweet spot between performance and portability. Fenix led the way with their nearly bombproof E01 and their more feature-packed LD02, and after much anticipation they've updated the latter with improvements all around. To make an impact in 2018, the Fenix LD02 V2 sports an entirely new look and unique features even discerning flashaholics can appreciate.

While the 1xAAA form factor is a dying breed these days, it's still a great format for general EDC. The LD02 V2 measures in at a very pocket friendly 3.6” long, 0.5” diameter, and weighs only 24 grams without a battery. The LD02 V2 uses anodized aluminum for the main body of the light, but sports stainless steel at the business end for impact resistance. The first of many of the LD02 V2's unique design cues is its stainless steel push button assembly at the rear of the light, giving a robust and premium feel in hand. A snug, stainless steel pocket clip rounds out the build, letting you carry it in your shirt pocket or in the admin panel of a bag or EDC pouch like you would a pen.

Unlike most EDC lights, the LD02 V2 features both a 90-CRI warm white CREE XQ-E HI emitter for general use and a 200mW UV light for specialized tasks like checking currency. The main warm white emitter puts out up to 70 lumens on High, 25 lumens on Medium, and 1 lumen on Low for 75 hours off a single alkaline or NiMH AAA battery.

With its uniquely useful LED combination, convenient battery type and form factor, and premium build quality, the new and improved LD02 V2 makes a strong case for EDCing a light of this class in a modern EDC. Check it out at the Amazon link below.

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Joshua ·
Just put in the order for this light. I was in the market for something affordable that takes easily obtainable batteries. Cant wait to post my EDC once I get everything in.
Shane ·
I dont think the single aaa format is a dying breed at all. A lot of people still carry them simply because they are so easy to carry, performance and design is improving too, the olight I3t eos and streamlight microstream usb are good examples. I'd be keen for a surefire titan 3 too that could be cool.
Paul Tobeck ·
My Microstream is my daily workhorse light, small enough to carry unnoticed, yet powerful enough to light practically any normal task. Never saw the need for hundreds of lumens in a daily carry light, I have one of those in my carry bag and it rarely gets used.